I’ve been getting a bunch of “likes” on Facebook regarding a series of abstract, glitch art photos posted recently. These glitch photos were created or rather destroyed using my photographs processed thru the “decim8” app for iOS. You can take photos directly from the app or use existing photos from your camera roll. The app comes with 25 effects to choose from or you can combine and randomize effects to create your own named presets. Below are some examples of what I’ve created by destroying one of my favorite photographs via “decim8” by Kris Collins.. Also checkout the decim8 Flickr page.

Decim8 by Kris Collins:

“Along the High Line” – Original photograph of the IAC building designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry as seen from the High Line park, captured by yours truly.

“The Corporate Hive” – Above photo, destroyed and reconstructed via Decim8 app for iPad:20130724-134828.jpg

“The Crystal Cathedral” – Not to be confused with the monstrous mega church in Anaheim California, this is the same above photo using different effects:20130724-140542.jpg