Mermaid Paparazzi

I have to admit. I’m a lazy ass New Yorker. On June 22nd, I attended my first Mermaid Parade ever and it’s been around since 1983! After seeing some pics from my photographer friends of previous parades, I realized I had to get in on the action. Getting there early was a real treat for photographers and hopefully the participants. With the purchase of a wristband, Photographers were allowed in the staging area before the parade. Unfortunately, the parade organizers did not limit the amount of wristbands sold so It seemed like there were just as many photographers as there were participants. This led some folks to engage “paparazzo mode”… In some instances, there would be a gaggle of photographers trying to shoot a participant, stepping on one another, shouting directions, calling out vying for a subject’s attention. I even heard one guy say “hey, turn around and show me those tits!”. I understand the need to nail the perfect shot and all, but c’mon, it’s the freaking Mermaid Parade not a porn shoot! Rude photographers aside, I managed to get some cool portraits.

Soon after the parade started, I got a text from “King Neptune” to have a drink at the Freak Show Bar. I convinced myself that it was too hot to continue shooting and spent the remainder of my day hydrating with the King, brother Stone and friends. Special thanks to “The Dark Mermaid” for sharing her sunblock and accompanying me on my very first ride on the Cyclone.

“The Dark Crystal”

“Poison Ivy”20130723-171553.jpg

 “Wet Side Story”20130723-171633.jpg

“The Bearded Lady”20130723-171657.jpg


 “Surprise for Judah Friedlander”20130723-171753.jpg

“Voluptuous Mermaid”20130723-171827.jpg

“The Dark Mermaid”20130723-171848.jpg

“Tiara Mustache”20130723-171905.jpg

“Queen of the Puffer Fish”20130723-171924.jpg

“Emerald Mermaid”20130723-171946.jpg

“King Neptune and the Dark Mermaid”20130723-172410.jpg

Her Majesty, Post Apocalypse

Ever wonder what Queen Elizabeth II would be doing if she was a commoner? Neither have I. However, I couldn’t help but notice this subject’s slight resemblance to her majesty. This was a lucky shot from a moving car(my wife was driving). Perhaps I should attempt more drive by shoots.


Walk This Way

One of the joys of street photography in India (in this case, Mumbai) is that you can walk every 10 feet and photograph something interesting. My initial goal here was to photograph the woman walking by on the road divider and capture her from head to toe. I got a bonus when the man in the background stepped in the frame in a near mirror image of the woman. After reviewing this shot, Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” popped into my head.