It’s Been a Long Time…

…since I last wrote on this blog.  Much has happened in the past several months, that I’m just trying to play catch up with myself!  So long story short, I was laid off from my job of 12 years, became a father to a beautiful baby girl, and now I’m about to (figuratively) launch my photography business into the stratosphere!  Putting my passion into action has been an incredible process so far and I’m looking forward to this new career and new phase of my life.

Now onto today’s photo: I don’t fancy myself as a newborn photographer and I have to give it up to those that shoot newborns for a living.  It’s hard work!  You have to shoot them while they’re sleeping, naked or with clothes on, but no diaper and pray that they don’t pee or poop on your clothes and props.  Then you have to curl them in all sorts of weird positions on props, pillows and blankets.  Having never had any experience handling or posing a newborn, I took a crash course in newborn photography in preparation for the birth of my daughter.  The below photo is the result, “Little Maya”.Little Maya

Four Kids @ the Mandir in Sarangpur, Gujarat, India

While traveling in India with my wife and friends, we visited many of the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan temples (mandirs). This photo was taken at the mandir in Sarangpur. A curious bunch of kids were watching me photograph my friend. When I turned to notice them, they started giggling and I snapped away. In the end, they came together for this photo. It remains one of my favorite photos to this day.